Video 4 - Building a Strong Foundation with the Three Pillar Approach

The Three Pillar Approach

Your plan includes three proven pillars of success:

#1 Sphere of influence—This pillar is focused on staying in constant contact with people you know, like and trust. Examples: Mailing a monthly newsletter or a Letter from the Heart.

#2 Outreach or Chase—This pillar is focused on picking an approach to go out and get it. Examples: Open Houses, Expired & FSBO hunting, Online Leads, Facebook Ads to Landing Pages, and Geo Farming

#3 Attraction—This pillar is focused on picking an approach that will help you attract business. Examples: Client Events, Host Seminars, Host a Show, Blogging

The Four Must Do’s

While this plan offers a great deal of flexibility, we believe the following are essential:

#1 Build a database to 300 people—We found it crucial to have and maintain a database of around 300 people. We encourage you to focus on that number and do everything you can to build it. In addition, we encourage you to maintain that number and avoid going any higher.

Why 300?

Studies that you cannot maintain more than 300 relationships and do a good job with them. Also when you do an event, you want to be able to invite your entire database, but you don’t want them all to show up. If you have too many on your database, you won’t be able to afford the events. So 300 is a number that is affordable to manage. Anything more your cost could get out of control.

#2 Select your Top 25 Referral Partners—This is group of people who you know, like, and trust. These are people who you think would be willing to refer people to you. With this group of 25, you want to plan on doing special things for.

This is a group that you would invite to a monthly happy hour, or party at your house, send birthday gifts to, etc. This group you want to make sure you call or meet with once a month. You really want to stay in close contact and always be looking for ways to provide them value.

#3 Send an Announcement Letter—This should be done the fifth week of the training or sooner (as soon as your database reaches 100). This is a letter to announcement of your new career as a REALTOR, or your new company if you are transferring from another company. If you’ve already done this or are beyond a time that makes sense to do this, then I would send announcement letter of your newsletter that is coming out. If you’re already doing a newsletter, then no announcement letter is needed.

#4 Commit to do the social media basics—Not to get confused with the plans above, this is just to remind you to do the simple things on social media—like wishing people “happy birthday,” liking and commenting on people’s posts, and posting regularly to show the human side of you.

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