Video 1 - How RoundBox Will Jumpstart Your Real Estate Career

The Mission of RoundBox Coaching

Flexible for the entrepreneur in you!

Too many plans argue that you will fail unless you do exactly what the plan instructs. I believe this starves the spirit within you. It can suffocate the creative side of you that inspires you to achieve greatness. You must love what you do. Otherwise, either you won’t succeed, you won’t enjoy your work (and thus you may not enjoy your life), or you’ll simply burn out trying to achieve the goals the coaching program set out for you. That’s why this is tailored to your strengths. You choose the strategies that work best for your personality.

Clarity, Consistency & Confidence

I want to bring clarity to your business, and with that I want you to focus on consistency. Over the next six weeks I want you build a plan that you can focus on. I want to bring every option to you now so you can stop searching and wondering if you should do something different. Clarity and consistency leads to confidence.

“If you have a clear plan, you can be consistent and confident.” ~Neil Mathweg

Remember this in your journey:

Your EFFORT will outweigh your RESULTS in the beginning. With time, there will be a tipping point. Then your RESULTS will outweigh your EFFORTS.

Bottom Line—Stay strong, and focus on your efforts, not your results.

Exercise: Set Your Goals

Below in the comment section tell me your goals

  1. Personal goals - What in your life would you like to overcome (debt, relationships, self doubt, anxiety, fear, etc.)?
  2. Business goals - What does your perfect year look like?
  3. Course goals - What outcome would like from this course?

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